The floriculture industry consists of the cultivation of Foliage plants, flowering ornamentals, cut flowers and others. Ornamental plants are used for decorative purposes in gardens. Foliage plants are highly valued because of their multifaceted designs.

Foliage can be categorized into two;

  • LIVE PLANTS- Plants with attractive foliage grown indoors as well as outdoors
  • CUT LEAVES- Attractive leaves used to add color and shape to arrangements

Cut leaves have many purposes. They can be used for Wedding, funerals, religious functions and other decorations. In Sri Lanka these cut leaves are used for the export trade and local usage. Leaves of the following plants are mainly used for export – Cane Palm, Fishtail Palm, Queen Palm and Ladies Finger Palm, Croton, Chinese Grass, Scindapsus, Syngonium, Cordyline, Dracaenas and Anthurium.